ReStrung Jewelry | Karma Earrings

ReStrung Jewelry | Karma Earrings



Our popular Karma Hoop Earrings come in both Small and Large.

What goes around comes around! Our Karma earrings and bangles are made from Electric guitar string, wound around several times for a thicker hoop. Each one features three ball bearings - Learn from your past, Live in the present and Envision your future. The ball bearings are the top parts of a guitar string, which I cut off and use for beads.

Small 1 3/4" in.

Large 2 1/2" in.

Handcrafted with love, each piece of ReStrung™ Jewelry incorporates Recycled Instrument String donated by musicians from the Gulf South and beyond. A portion of our profits benefits The Musicians Assistance Foundation, which funds the New Orleans Musicians Clinic


- Materials: gold non tarnish wire, silver, electric strings, hypoallergenic earwires, gold guitar beads, silver strings, guitar parts, gold, recycled materials, instrument parts, ball bead ends, instruments, steel

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