Ultrafine Microfiber Cloth

Ultrafine Microfiber Cloth

$3.50 $6.99

Birds and Colorful Flowers
Peony Garden
Yellow Daisies
Diamond Weave
Flower Patch
Pink and Green Mums
White Flowers
Vines and Birds
Roses and Poppies
Bright Flower Petals


Safely clean your eyewear and tech screens in style!

· Our Cleaning cloths are made of the highest quality split microfiber textile.

· Extremely absorbent and safely cleans all types of delicate lenses: smart phone, tablet, eye glasses, sunglasses, watches, jewelry, camera, binoculars, computer and LCD screens,

· Comes in a re-usable clear pouch about the size of a business card.

· The cloth in its pouch fits perfectly inside a greeting card…a smart little gift idea!

· Hand or machine washable with a mild soap; air dry or low temp - Care instructions are inside each package.

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