Vinrella | Breast Cancer Bottle Umbrella

Vinrella | Breast Cancer Bottle Umbrella

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Each year, Vinrella raises money for a new cause, and this year our support is going to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. A portion of your purchase of this product will go to the foundation's life-saving programs. This unique no-drip umbrella design seals your wet umbrella away in a bottle to protect your purse or briefcase. Our fashionable, stylish, and fun designs brighten up rainy days or provide shade on sunny days.

Vinrella is the umbrella in a bottle! These umbrellas are disguised as wine bottle and water bottles to artfully store your umbrella when you're on the go. The case will hold your wet umbrella so that you and your belongings don't get wet. Simply open the umbrella to dry at the end of your rainy day!

Vinrella's available in various patterns and styles. 

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